Had to try it

I love coffee too is so good ma,

Just Cruisin 2

I know this is late but as soon as I got up this morning she tole me we wanted to cruise 100 miles for a going out of business sale. The place going out of business is a midwest alternative to WalMart and usually had great deals.

Well, after cruising said 100 miles and entering the store we knew it was a waste of time. 10%-30% off all items and even more on select items. What the signs didn’t say is the prices were jacked up at least 40%. The wife used to get jeans for everyday use for around $8-$10. The cheapest pair seen at the sale were $39.99.

After looking around the wife checked out with a few things she wanted and we went to a local eatery for Mexican food before heading to Wally World. She had a taco salad and I chose the cheeseburger . At…

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Be The Person You Need

Tangled Lights

It was 2009. I was sobbing into my pillow, wailing that ugly, snotty, graceless cry, alone and feeling very much forgotten, by everyone. I was in the throes of grief, loss of self, very little confidence and all in my world was heavy. Dark. I needed another human just to be near. I needed hot tea and warm blankets and tissues. I needed a nutritious meal to fuel my body and the love that went into it, to feed my soul. I needed someone to tell me it was going to be ok. Alone, the realization that continued to burrow its way into the core of my soul created even greater suffering. I was sleep deprived, dehydrated, unmotivated, uninspired…I felt incapable of doing anything that served me and continued tumbling into the pits of nothingness. Alone. From the outside, I detested that others saw a healthy, well-balanced life. Where to…

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